Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brody Update

Brody is going to be Nine months on December 14th. OH MY GOSH! Time has just flown by!
Well he can put his binky in his mouth by himself now. He's pulling himself up onto his knees and then standing on his feet. SO i think he's planning on walking soon! He is eating the graduates Puffs and loves them! He takes handfuls at a time and shoves them into his mouth lol I have to watch him to make sure he doesn't choke of course. He eats two solid foods a day and then his finger foods. He also loves eating the oat pieces out of the lucky charms.

He is becoming very needy! he loves being held :/ ooops lol but its ok. Its usually only when he's tired and i rock him to sleep. Brit bought him this cute little toy from disney land where you have to put the shapes into the holes and he's still trying to figure out but i think he'll understand it soon! Yay!

Also, this is his first Christmas (duh) and he seems to be able to tell that its christmas cause we put up decorations and he looks at them like "what is that for?" lol Its adorable!

Well, more later!

With Love,


Kenny and Brittany said...

yay! You are an official blogger!! You will love it!

Kelli Starkes said...

Look at Brody, he is getting so big and he is so cute... I miss you guys we totally need to get together more often... Love ya tons... Oh ya, you are an awesome mommy and I can't wait for you to have more babies..

Richard*Kristina*Chloe said...

Oh my goodness. He is getting so BIG! I cannot believe it. He is still as handsome as can be. I miss you guys so much. We need to keep in touch better. :( Sorry about that. Well, I am glad everything is going well. And I am new to this whole blogging thing, so sorry I do not know much at all. LoL